"I was told that I
was useless"
As a kid I was once carelessly told by a person, who was an authority for me at the time, that I got no talent and there was absolutely no reason for me to continue learning how to paint properly.

No surprise, those words hit me really hard back then...

So hard that on my way to become an artist 20+ years later, I had to receive three non-related to art university degrees. I think I did that just for a prosaic reason to start feeling worthy again and to prove something to the World and myself. Still trying to understand what that "something" actually was.

Long story short: most likely my path to realising that my heart fully belongs to painting -not economics and management- wasn't the shortest and the most pleasant one, however I regret nothing. I have learnt so much on that way and I always be grateful for it.

Simply because thanks to my bumpy road towards self-rediscovery and talent embracement, today I am capable to create, teach and enjoy my life to the fullest.

Truly yours,

Olga Bachila
Intuitive artist